Community Health Awareness

With the Covid19 pandemic, a lot of things have been disrupted worldwide .We are adapting our community responses and learning activities through podcasts and remote learning. We are responding to the treats in ways that protect our community by sharing accurate and verified information to members of the community.

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At CoHA, we provide education for youth and adult about the issues of keeping themselves clean and practice safe hygiene and sanitation.

We believe if we all stand as one to fight against dirtness in our community, everyone will be own their hero.

we make sure you get a clear understanding of how promotion of hygiene and sanitation can lead to healthier and happier life.

Lets stay our hygiene clean, not cleanliness

The term cleanliness should not be used in place of hygiene. Cleaning in many cases is removing dirt, wastes or unwanted things from the surface of objects using detergents and necessary equipment. Hygiene practice focuses on the prevention of diseases through the use of cleaning as one of several inputs. For example, a janitor cleans the floor of a health centre using detergent, mop and broom. They might also use chlorine solution to disinfect the floor. The cleaning process in this example is the removal of visible dirt, while the use of chlorine solution removes the invisible microorganisms. Hygienic practice encompasses both cleaning for the removal of physically observable matters and the use of chlorine for the removal of microorganisms. The hygiene practice in this example aims at preventing the spread of disease-causing organisms. Cleaning is a means to achieve this task.

Provided Trainings

At CoHA, we look deep in the community where people's lives are gave up and step in with a different and transformative story that inspires them and forces them to take action towards new begining. Our day to day activities convinces the community members to keep their hygiene clean and healthy.

Community Support

The exercise of proper personal hygiene is one of the essential parts of our daily life. Many people in rural areas may not understand what good or bad personal hygiene is. The prevention of communicable diseases, like diarrhoea, trachoma and many others is highly possible through the application of proper personal hygiene. You need to learn the proper practice of personal hygiene and use this for the prevention and control of important public health diseases that are prevalent in your locality.

Our Mission

Expend human pontential by creating groundbreaking healthy practices, by making our training more sustainably by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.

Our Vision

Serve people worldwide with the joy of expanding their life’s potential by leading the advancement of mobility and enable people everywhere in the world to improve their daily lives.

Our Target

Providing a new space that makes life more convenient and enjoyable by realizing superlative mobility based on innovative people-oriented, eco-friendly technologies and comprehensive services.

How we work

We do offer free trainings about hygiene and sanitation, especially to the rural communities. We focus more on how everyone must keep their environment and one's self clean and health by avoiding messy communities which cause illiness and to any living thing around them.

So far, we have interviewed the refugees in Kakuma Refugee Camp individually and turns out approximately 70% of the refugee communities have experianced heavy diseases due to unclean sorroundings As we were helping these communities, the number dropped to 40% of the infected lives after we have trained them the benefits of keeping their hyhiene and sanitation very firm.

Apart from Kakuma camp in Kenya, in 2019 we also Provided a bundle of trainings to other eastern Africa parts like Uganda, Burundi and Somalia. Our aim was to reduce the spread of Covid-19 by spreading awareness of how it effects people and how to prevent themselves as prevention is better than cure.